James Nathaniel Holland Opera Composer

James Nathaniel Holland
                                                                                                            Composer, Lyric Tenor, Pianist


Selected Samples


SYMPHONY NO. 1: The Dawning of 2012


Shakespeare's Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind  

One the Wings of the Scarlet Messenger  

   JN Holland Performing His Piano Compositions

Contact Information:  james.nathaniel.holland@gmail.com

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 My Music: An Eclectic Reflection of Our Times

Never before in the history of the world has so much music, from all periods of history and corners of the globe, been available to us at the touch of a fingertip.

My music comes from within, inspired from sounds of nature, the radio, the television, a dancehall, the theater, an electronic device;  all that define us as a people existing in a shared, modern-day life experience.

  James Nathaniel Holland
Composer, Lyric Tenor and Pianist

      James Nathaniel Holland is an American/Costa Rican classical music composer of operas, symphonies, ballets, songs, and other musical concertworks that incorporate a unique, eclectic, blend of romantic, classical, world and jazz styles.

     Born and raised in Indiana, he studied music at DePauw University, Vienna Austria, Interlochen National Music Camp and Indiana University  (Bloomington, IN). At these schools many of his early pieces were premiered and performed, with one work being selected for main-stage production in the season.

      Moving to Los Angeles and then settling in New York, he performed professionally sometimes as a singer, sometimes as a pianist, sometimes as choral conductor. He composed incidental music for the stage.   In 2002 he founded a composers collective where they showcased their work. He was one of the first composers to participate in the American Music Center's initial on-line library. The New Jersey Concert Opera and the Gay Men's Chorus of New Jersey also featured his comic operas and art songs.

In 2005, he permanently moved to Costa Rica where he has organized concerts with visting guest artists present his chamber music to the public.   His music is for sale in the form of sheet music and downloads, and his performances of his work can be found in the local venues of Costa Rica.

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All of Holland's compositions are available to the public in form of sheet music for performance for a small fee.   Demo CD's of Holland's music are also available for your listening library.  Please contact james.nathaniel.holland@gmail.com  on how to obtain your copy, or to simply send your financial support.   

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